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Hereford Township


For more information on the parks, or to rent the pavilion, please call the Township Office at (610) 845-2929.

If you wish to join the Recreation Committee, please contact 


Hereford Township Community Park

Located next to the township building, the Hereford Township Community Park offers a walking path, softball field, basketball courts, tennis courts, playground and a volleyball sandpit. It has a Roofed pavilion that you can rent when you contact the Hereford Township office. The park is open sunrise to sunset.

Tollgate Eco Park

Sitting next to Tollgate Road, this park has the Pawachen Run branch of the Perkiomen Creek running through it. It has a butterfly garden, and a couple of picnic tables, have fun fishing with the family or simply watching the creek run by. The park id open sunrise to sunset.


Treichler Park

Right off of Seisholtzville Road, this small park has a playground, Basketball Court and Pavilion. The Park is open sunrise to sunset.

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