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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Hereford Township require a Use and Occupancy Permit (U&O)?

A. Not for a residential resale, for a change in use and commercial property the township does require a U&O Permit.

Q. Do I need a permit to fix my roof/ shingles. 

A. No permit required if you are just replacing and not changing. if you are changing it then you do need a permit.

Q. Do we have to get a permit from the township if we live in the trailer park, and have their permit already?


A. Yes, you need both the township and the trailer park permits. When you come to the township your park permit should already be completed.  

Q. Do you do Dog Licenses, and do you do lifetime ones or only yearly?

A. Yes, we do yearly dog licenses, we do not do lifetime ones.

Q. Do we have any township public utilities?


A. No, however Met-Ed operates within our township.

Q. What are the Office Hours?

A. The normal Office hours are:

7am -12PM, 1PM-3PM Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

We do have certain Holidays when we are closed.

Q. Do you have Police?

A. We work with State Police, as we are a small township. For Non-Emergency issues, the State Police number is (610) 378-4011. 

Q. Do I need a driveway permit for my gravel/paved driveway? 

A. Yes, additionally if your property is on a state road you also need a permit from PENDOT.

Q. Do I need a fence permit?

A. Yes. There are certain exceptions when it comes to farming.

Q.Is there Public Trash?


A. There is no public trash but trash services in the area include but are not limited to:

Waste Management

Whitetail Disposal

Diamond Disposal

Leck Waste Services

Clifford Hill

Q. Is the Zoning Ordinance available to general public/ online?


 A. Yes, to go to that page on this website please click Here 

Q. What shed size requires a permit?

A. The size doesn't matter, you need a permit. Until you get above 150 square feet you can use the shed permit. When it is over 150 square feet, then counted as a normal building and not a shed anymore. In those cases you would then need to get a building permit.

Q. What are the state roads in Hereford Township?

A. The state roads are:

Chestnut Street / Route 100 / SR 0100

Conrad Road / SR 1032

Dale / Hunter Forge / Sant Peters Road / SR 1047

Gravel Pike / Route 29 / SR 0029

Kutztown Road / SR 1034

Shuhler Road / Seisholtzville Road / SR 1010

Tollgate / Huffs Church Road / SR 1022

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