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Office Staff

Hannah Edwards


Right-to-Know Officer
Louisa Masemore



Board of Supervisors

  • Chairman: John G. Membrino (term ends 2025) Email:

  • Supervisor: Karla T. Dexter (term ends 2027) Email:

  • Engineer
    Technicon Enterprises, Inc. II
    Jennifer McConnell
    200 Bethlehem Drive, Suite 201
    Morgantown, Pa. 19543
    Phone: 610-286-1622
    Fax: 610-286-1679


The Hereford Township Board of Supervisors meets the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm. The Board is a three member governing body elected for staggered six-year terms.

The Board of Supervisors is charged with the general governance of the Township and the execution of legislative, executive, and administrative powers in order to ensure sound fiscal management and to secure the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the Township.

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer:

Louisa Masemore


Assistant Right-to-Know Officer:


     Eugene Orlando,

     Jr.Orlando Law Offices, P.C2901 St. Lawrence 

     Avenue, Suite 202

     Reading, Pa 19606

     Phone: 610-779-3830


    Zoning Officer/Building Inspector/Sewage Enforcement Officer:

    Technicon Enterprises Inc., II

    I200 Bethlehem Drive,

    Suite  201Morgantown, Pa. 19543

    Phone: 610-286-1622

    Fax: 610-286-1679

Planning Commission

  • Chairman: Albert Ciccarone (term ends 2024)

  • Secretary: Louisa Masemore

  • Member: Kimberley Poley (term ends 2025)

  • Member:  Karla Dexter (term ends 2023)

The Planning Commission consists of five residents who serve as volunteers appointed by the Board of Supervisors for staggered four-year terms.

The Planning Commission is an advisory board to the Board of Supervisors. Its function is to review subdivisions, land development plans, conditional use applications, and to make recommendations regarding these matters to the Board of Supervisors.

The Planning Commission meets monthly on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

  • Vice-Chairman: Elwood Harper (term ends 2025)

  • Member: vacant

  • Engineer:

      Technicon Enterprises, Inc. II

      Jennifer Van Dyke

      200 Bethlehem Drive,

      Suite 201Morgantown, Pa. 19543

      Phone:  610-286-1622

      Fax:  610-286-1679

Zoning Hearing Board

  • Chairman: Timothy Haas (term ends 2026)

  • Sectrtary: Stephen Cunningham (term ends 2026)

  • Solicitor
    Elizabeth A. Magovern
    1100 Berkshire Boulevard, Suite 301
    Reading, Pa 19610
    Phone:  610-779-0772


  • Vice-Chairman:  Renea Flexer(term ends 2024)

  • Alternate Member:  William Dexter (term ends 2025)

The Zoning Hearing Board’s job is to help assure fair and equitable application and administration of the Zoning Ordinance by hearing appeals of the Zoning Officer’s decisions and granting relief from the literal enforcement of the Ordinance in certain hardship situations.

The board consists of three residents and one alternate resident appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

The Zoning Hearing Board will meet if an application or an appeal has been filed. When the Zoning Hearing Board does have a meeting it starts at 7:00 pm. Their term length is three years.

Hereford Township is a Second Class Township

2000 Population – 2,997

School District :   Upper Perkiomen

Municipal Tax Millage for 2022 - 1.5 mills

County Tax Rate for 2016 - 7.372 mills

About us

Board of Auditors

  • Member:  Harry Waterman 

  • Member:  Robert Morris

Tax Collector

District Justice Micheal G. Hartman

  • District Court 23-3-02

  100 Schaeffer Street #2

  Boyertown, Pa 19512


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